These 3 Tips You Must Know Prior To Starting A Blog

Starting A Blog in 2019

The Internet is full of the opportunities to earn some money aside and if you know a bit more on blogging, you will easily make your way to earn cash. Now, each niche is unique and requires research and good knowledge but people manage to get to the top easily if they have no competition. If you want a plant hire in York, for example, you can easily find the best company as it expanded its work through the Internet and got covered more area. They have used some of the tips we will present so keep in mind these cool tips that you must know before you commit to serious online business.

Develop your own monetizing strategy using the competition’s work

Having a good strategy is crucial if you want to earn money. It is not only about paid clicks and ads, but rather about the proper approach that will attract your customers. Inspecting the competition’s content, a web site and traffic is a must, but never copy their way of work as it will not work too long for you. Rather use their strategy as your guideline and see if there is something that misses in their business. That is your chance to step up in the game and traffic people to your website. At the moment, there is almost no new campaign or a way to earn money through web. Instead, you need to analyze different sites and campaigns and then find a way to monetize your blog, using the competitor’s ideas.

Be unique and offer longer and in-depth articles


If all bloggers in your niche use short articles that contain no more than 300 words, this is your chance! Create articles that have 500+ words, or include a podcast or a video to make things much more interesting. Always try to do the opposite of your competitors. Google ranks better sites that contain 2,000+ words per article, so writing an in-depth article is the recipe you need. Google searches for the most accurate and relevant information that will be crucial to a user and ranks your website according to that. It is natural to conclude that only relevant and unique, free of plagiarism, the content will get you results.

Know what you sell/affiliate

Where do you buy shoes? At the retail store that you know, that offers high-quality sneakers, or at some shady guy’s shop that you never heard of? Each customer wants a reliable source, something you personally recommend and guarantee for. Therefore, it is a waste of time if you recommend and try to sell a pair of shoes that you never had. Stick to what you know and what you are sure about to build authority and confidence. One of the ways is interviewing the experts who are authorities in your niche for example. This way you are building the mutual connection and respect.

Focus on SEO!

Focus on SEO!

Last but not the least important – get familiar with SEO! Never stuff your keywords, or your site will be banned! Rather write a natural and interesting article that your readers could share on social media to get more backlinks and therefore more authority. More authority means more visitors and that ultimately means more money for you.

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