How do I make money?

In this day and age where a majority of the people rely on online media for information, there are many opportunities available to the news or content providers to benefit in return. For the case of a blogger, there are many ways in which you can earn money from your blog, as discussed below;

You can enroll for Adsense or its equivalent

As a blogger, you can monetize your blog by signing up for Adsense. This action will allow Google to publish content related ads on the blog. Whenever a page visitor clicks on the ad, you earn some revenue. Besides the cost per click way of making money, you can also seek to benefit from impression based ads; this is where you earn revenue for every 1000 impressions created; 1000 visits to a web page that contains an ad.

Sell private advertisements on the blog

Besides depending on a marketing network to place ads on your blog, you can allow private entities to advertise on your blog for a fee. With this option, you are at liberty to set your advertising terms, including the advertising fee structure. This option also eliminates intermediaries/brokers and therefore has an advantage of not sharing the advertising revenue with anyone. Implementing own ads on your blog usually comes as a banner, sponsored link and buttons. You can also earn by positively reviewing an advertiser’s product.

While privately selling your ads, you can increase your earning by selling sponsorship slots in your podcasts, videos, and even newsletters.

Incorporate affiliate links into your blog content

You can take advantage of affiliate marketing via advertising networks to earn some money. Privately, you can also create partnerships with potential advertisers, and businesses through affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is important to you as it will help you earn commissions for products whose buyers originate from your blog.

Use your blog to sell digital materials

You can earn extra money as a blogger by selling digital materials such as e-books on your blog.

Use your blog to promote your business

You can connect with your customers through your blog, thus aiding your business in maintaining these customers and possibly continuing making more sales as a result of the interaction.

Sell membership

You can earn from your blog by configuring it to limit access to privileged levels, especially for full-view of a privileged material or content.

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