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Starting A Blog in 2019

These 3 Tips You Must Know Prior To Starting A Blog

The Internet is full of the opportunities to earn some money aside and if you know a bit more on blogging, you will easily make your way to earn cash. Now, each niche is unique and requires research and good knowledge but people manage to get to the top easily if they have no competition. If you want a plant hire in York, for example, you can easily find the best company as it expanded its work through the Internet and got covered more area. They have used some of the tips we will present so keep in mind these cool tips that you must know before you commit to serious online business.

Develop your own monetizing strategy using the competition’s work

Having a good strategy is crucial if you want to earn money. It is not only about paid clicks and ads, but rather about the proper approach that will attract your customers. Inspecting the competition’s content, a web site and traffic is a must, but never copy their way of work as it will not work too long for you. Rather use their strategy as your guideline and see if there is something that misses in their business. That is your chance to step up in the game and traffic people to your website. At the moment, there is almost no new campaign or a way to earn money through web. Instead, you need to analyze different sites and campaigns and then find a way to monetize your blog, using the competitor’s ideas.

Be unique and offer longer and in-depth articles


If all bloggers in your niche use short articles that contain no more than 300 words, this is your chance! Create articles that have 500+ words, or include a podcast or a video to make things much more interesting. Always try to do the opposite of your competitors. Google ranks better sites that contain 2,000+ words per article, so writing an in-depth article is the recipe you need. Google searches for the most accurate and relevant information that will be crucial to a user and ranks your website according to that. It is natural to conclude that only relevant and unique, free of plagiarism, the content will get you results.

Know what you sell/affiliate

Where do you buy shoes? At the retail store that you know, that offers high-quality sneakers, or at some shady guy’s shop that you never heard of? Each customer wants a reliable source, something you personally recommend and guarantee for. Therefore, it is a waste of time if you recommend and try to sell a pair of shoes that you never had. Stick to what you know and what you are sure about to build authority and confidence. One of the ways is interviewing the experts who are authorities in your niche for example. This way you are building the mutual connection and respect.

Focus on SEO!

Focus on SEO!

Last but not the least important – get familiar with SEO! Never stuff your keywords, or your site will be banned! Rather write a natural and interesting article that your readers could share on social media to get more backlinks and therefore more authority. More authority means more visitors and that ultimately means more money for you.

How to Start Blogging

If you are thinking about starting a blog where you can share your personal life experiences with other people on the internet and you just don’t know how to get started, then you are in the right place. I specially designed this article to help out fellow upcoming bloggers who want to create their own following base. Being a blogger is not easy, it will require from you quite some time and effort, especially in the beginning because the start is the most difficult part.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to scare you away from starting a blog, I just want to prepare you for everything that is coming your way. If you are not prepared, there are higher chances that you will quit because it will be too much for you at once. Knowing what is coming for you and what your responsibilities will be, you can prepare yourself mentally for this task. I just wish I had someone like that back in the day when I first started because I really struggled for the first few months, but luckily, I was persistent, and I didn’t give up easily. Here is everything that you need to know about blogging and how to start.

Have Inspiration

As a blogger, you will need to write all kinds of articles for your blog that people will later on read, it is completely up to you what those articles will be about or how will they look. One thing that I can suggest you is to not rush creating a blog just because everyone is doing it, you need to start when you feel like you have a lot of inspiration to write because if you don’t, you will be putting out content that is very low quality and you will never succeed. That is one of the mistakes many people do at the start, they think if they just put out any content it will be good, but that is not right, you have to put out quality content. It was never about the quantity that you can produce daily or weekly, it is all about the quality of your content.

Grow and Connect Your Community

BloggingEvery blogger wants to grow their community, so I don’t really have to remind you of that, but they all struggle with gaining new visitors because it is not easy becoming a successful and popular blogger. Luckily for you, I have a solution that will most definitely help you grow and that is connecting your community. This means that you will have to connect your blogging community with your social media one and vice versa. Using this method, you can grow both communities simultaneously and you can grow much faster this way, trust me, I didn’t believe it at first, but after starting applying it I was shocked by the results. The more people know about your blog, the more visitors you will get because people will share it with their friends and so on.

How to Design Your Blog

How to Design Your Blog

To become a blogger, you will need to sacrifice a lot of your free time because it is definitely a time-consuming activity. If you never been a blogger before, then you most likely don’t know the daily struggles that you have to go through, but that’s where I can help you. I have been a blogger for many years and that provided me with a lot of experience and knowledge. Now I want to share all of that knowledge with you because I think that people will appreciate every little help.

The main reason why I said you will have to put a lot of time into your blog is that designing it is very important. That’s right, the designing part is the part where you will spend most of your time, especially if you are like me and you want everything to look perfect. I created this article especially to talk about the importance of design and how to actually design your blog. Therefore, here I present you some of the greatest tips for designing your blog.

Follow One Theme

Of course, I cannot say how you should design your blog because that is completely up to you, however, I can give you some pointers and tips that will help you in this process. The first tip I would like to give you is to always follow one theme for the whole design. This means that you shouldn’t mix two different designs for a different part of your blog because this is very time consuming to make and it will only create problems for you in the future. Keeping it simple by having just one design on the whole blog will make everything look much cleaner and nicer for your audience.

Page Builder

Design Your Blog To be a blogger, most people think they need to know how to code in order to create their own site. Well, that isn’t correct, you don’t need any knowledge of coding what so ever. You can download already made themes and later on customize them and make them unique to you. How to do that without any coding knowledge, well it is very simple, you just download a page builder software and use that to customize your page. This software is one of the greatest things that I have ever used because it saved me a lot of time and money, more importantly, I could do everything by myself even though I don’t know how to code.

Tips for Becoming a Professional Blogger

Tips for Becoming a Professional Blogger

There can be various reasons why you decided to become a blogger and there is nothing wrong with that, everyone can become a blogger, but only the best ones will succeed. Some people don’t want to succeed with their blog and for them, being a professional blogger doesn’t mean anything, but if you want to become a professional one, you will need these tips. I have been a blogger for a very long time and I learned some tricks that helped me succeed. Unlike you, I never had someone tell me these blogging secrets, I had to discover all that by myself. I just want to help out other upcoming bloggers to succeed with my knowledge.

Blog Design

If you want to become a professional, you need to start looking professionally and the only way to do that is to make a professional design for your blog. You can do this in many ways, you can pay a professional to do it, or you can do it on your own if you know how to. The key is to end up with a professional looking blog.

Share Your Secrets

Professional BloggerOne of the things that attract a lot of people is sharing secrets and that is a key to a professional blog. Talking about your personal life and sharing some of your secrets with the world will benefit you in various ways. Of course, you need to be prepared to get feedback from your visitors. There will be a lot of positive messages, but there will also be some haters who will judge you. If you want to become a professional, you need to learn how to ignore those hater comments and focus only on the positive ones and not give any attention to the haters. The only reason why they hate is that they want your attention.

What’s a Niche?

Building a successful blog requires you to blog on topics that appeal to your readers and are sustainable in writing. To satisfy these two aspects of blogging, you need to settle on a niche that’s favorable to you and also meets your readers’ expectations. This is because many internet users logon to it with the aim of solving a problem. Your blogging niche needs to narrow down and reflect the needs of the audience that you target. It should also ensure that your targeted audience is satisfied and comes back for more. Here are some of the tips to help you choose a suitable niche for yourself.

Choose to blog on areas you are familiar with and also have great interest

When blogging about what you’re passionate about, you increase your chances of dedicating more time and other resources, including your effort to make the blog stand out. It will also ensure that you consistently come up with new ideas that not only make sure that your blog never ceases to operate in the future but also guarantee your audience of good content throughout the year. This can also help your readers to connect with your writing.

Find where your passion is

When it comes to choosing a suitable blogging niche, you need to assess your passion. Your selected niche should be to a large degree be a reflection of your passion. To know your passion, look at your hobbies, how you utilize any free time you get. You need to involve your instincts.

Find a weakness in the market

While seeking to settle on a suitable blogging niche, you need to find some unexplored areas in the market objectively. Finding this weakness is important as it will help in defining you as a blogger. The blogging niche you choose needs to address this gap and help your readers become more informed than you found.

How do I make money?

In this day and age where a majority of the people rely on online media for information, there are many opportunities available to the news or content providers to benefit in return. For the case of a blogger, there are many ways in which you can earn money from your blog, as discussed below;

You can enroll for Adsense or its equivalent

As a blogger, you can monetize your blog by signing up for Adsense. This action will allow Google to publish content related ads on the blog. Whenever a page visitor clicks on the ad, you earn some revenue. Besides the cost per click way of making money, you can also seek to benefit from impression based ads; this is where you earn revenue for every 1000 impressions created; 1000 visits to a web page that contains an ad.

Sell private advertisements on the blog

Besides depending on a marketing network to place ads on your blog, you can allow private entities to advertise on your blog for a fee. With this option, you are at liberty to set your advertising terms, including the advertising fee structure. This option also eliminates intermediaries/brokers and therefore has an advantage of not sharing the advertising revenue with anyone. Implementing own ads on your blog usually comes as a banner, sponsored link and buttons. You can also earn by positively reviewing an advertiser’s product.

While privately selling your ads, you can increase your earning by selling sponsorship slots in your podcasts, videos, and even newsletters.

Incorporate affiliate links into your blog content

You can take advantage of affiliate marketing via advertising networks to earn some money. Privately, you can also create partnerships with potential advertisers, and businesses through affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is important to you as it will help you earn commissions for products whose buyers originate from your blog.

Use your blog to sell digital materials

You can earn extra money as a blogger by selling digital materials such as e-books on your blog.

Use your blog to promote your business

You can connect with your customers through your blog, thus aiding your business in maintaining these customers and possibly continuing making more sales as a result of the interaction.

Sell membership

You can earn from your blog by configuring it to limit access to privileged levels, especially for full-view of a privileged material or content.

Blogging – is it for me?


Before you could decide on whether you have all the qualities necessary for a blogger, there’s need to do a thorough personal check to help you in making a rational decision. You need to have a good understanding of what blogging is all about, and what may be required of you to run a successful blog.

To answer this question, you need to ask yourself a few more simple questions and give yourself honest and accurate answers. For instance, do you get fun in writing? This question aims to enlighten you that blogging requires constant writing. Do you have a message you want to deliver to your readers? This question will help you understand if you have got a better understanding of your blogging niche, as well as if your niche can address a given problems that your potential readers are facing. Between writing and speaking, where do your strengths outweigh your weaknesses? Do you consider yourself a self-starter? How disciplined are you? How much time are you willing to dedicate to blogging? How social are you? The list is of considerations is endless.